Unikey 4.2 RC4 Last Version and Free DownLoad

UniKey 4.2 is a free, easy-to-use Vietnamese keyboard program that can run on all Windows software. UniKey 4.2 is an indispensable application for any computer user.

New Features of Unikey 4.2 RC4:

  • Support Vietnamese typing on Windows whether your computer has a set of fonts or not.
  • Supports the five most popular typing methods: TELEX, VNI, VIQR, Microsoft-style and self-definition.
  • Allows to convert between different font formats: Unicode to VNI, VNI to Unicode, Unicode to TCVN3, TCVN3 to Unicode ...
  • Support typing and spell checking input on all applications installed on the computer.
  • Allows to convert the word HOA to lowercase, lowercase to uppercase, accented letter, and many other types of conversion.
  • UniKey runs stable, small in size (only a few hundred KB), and does not require installation or use of any other libraries.

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